WP5: Supermodeling with state-of-the-art climate models

In this workpackage we have three objectives:

  • 1. Develop a super climate model by coupling three different climate models together, using observations for the period 1870-1980 to train the model
  • 2. Assess the benefits and drawbacks of the super climate modelling strategy against conventional approaches (i.e., multi-model mean) and the best model through simulating climate from 1980-2010 and retrospective-prediction of seasonal-to-decadal fluctuations during the same period.
  • 3. Demonstrate that the super modelling strategy can be applied to make climate projections, by performing a scenario simulation for the 21st century with the super climate model and contrasting it with conventional multi-model scenario simulations

WP5 is chaired by Noel Keenlyside

work package layout of SUMO